Self Help

The Balancing Thymus Tap

We all cope with life just a little bit better when we are balanced!

This simple process takes 20 – 30 seconds to do, and will put your energy system into balance so that you can get on with whatever you need to do.  By using the Balancing Tap regularly, you will help to strengthen your energy system and help keep yourself healthy.

Energy Toning Movements

I love, love, love these Energy Toning Movements!

Done first thing in the morning, they build a little power pack of energy to keep you going all day.  Done just before bedtime, they ease out all of the days worries, stresses and strains, helping you to have a good nights’ sleep.

The Energy Toning Movements are also brilliant to help combat jetlag – tried and tested!  Use  for 2-3 days before flying and again for 2-3 days after – brilliant.

The Allergy Tap

This routine can be effectively used to combat reactions to substances and reduce their impact.

I have used this successfully on myself to alleviate the impact of hay fever style reactions – it looks a little weird, but t works!

Emotional Stress Relief

Another little gem – something that can be done quietly and discretely to help you reduce stress to an acceptable level so that you are able to get on with life.


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