The Silver Web Holistic Centre Clay Cross, Derbyshire

The Silver Web Holistic Centre is made up of a group of holistic practitioners (including me!!) working together to bring well being, healing and knowledge to those who seek it.

We offer a wide range of holistic therapies, classes, workshops and training aiming to help everyone embrace their whole self – mind, body and soul.

There are always a variety of workshops, events and treatments on offer, so check out our facebook page for current details

Health Kinesiology

For more information about Health Kinesiology, please feel free to follow any of the links below:

UK website   Includes a list of qualified practitioners working within the UK

Worldwide website   Provides more information about Dr Scott and the development of Health Kinesiology as well as details about training to be a practitioner.

YDots – Protection from ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

These little things of loveliness offer protection for yourself, your family and your pets from Electro-Magnetic Frequencies  (EMFs).  Developed by Jo Huntsman, a Health Kinesiologist from East Yorkshire, YDots now come in a range of designs, shapes and sizes.

I have a small stock of YDots that you can try out for yourself, or I can order exactly what you would like.

If you want to find out more, please pop along to the YDot facebook page.






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