Hay Fever

The symptoms you suffer from when experiencing hayfever are the result of an inappropriate range of reactions by your body, caused by an imbalance within your body’s energy system.

The work done under this package is aimed at supporting your energy system so that your body can deal with allergens in a much more appropriate manner and no longer have the need to make your nose run or your eyes itch!

Hayfever is not the only reaction that can be addressed, but is a very common and annoying one!

Very often symptoms such as stomach disorders, feeling bloated, headaches and depression, amongst other things, can often be traced to allergies in foods, personal care products and prescription medications.

Allergies are often the cause of more obvious symptoms like skin rashes, eczema, asthma and hay fever. House dust mites and animal hairs can also create difficulties for many people.

Through this package, I offer allergy and intolerance testing to establish what is causing an issue, as well as treatment to resolve.

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